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Graf Connection

Carolyn Who?  This website is being put together by Carolyn Elmina Graf (aka Punky) Simon. (I also use “Dane” as my nom de net.) That’s me over to the left. I am doing this in the hope that it will be useful and entertaining for the descendents of George and Inez Graf, along with their spouses and friends.

What?  A family tree, historical documents, letters, family pictures, stories ... anything that contributes to family history.

When?  Archival material from any time starting in the mid-19th century, when George’s and Inez’s parents were married (or even longer if anyone cares to research further), to the present. The newest Graf, Ben, was born on September 7, 2009. I plan to carry on for the foreseeable future.

Where?  On the web and anywhere in the world where Grafs live or visit.

Why?  To help us connect with our family members and share our family history, for the benefit of our children and their children.

Acknowledgements:  Many thanks to my special friend and traveling companion, Bob Abrahams, for doing the actual construction of the web site and for the scores of helpful suggestions about format, presentation, and editorial decisions. Thanks also to my stepbrother, Randall Morgan, the publisher of Java 1942 and Dad's executor, for assuring me that I need not be concerned about copyright issues. Thanks too to all the Grafs who have contributed their thoughts and data for inclusion here, and for those yet to come.

What's next?  Further contributions are always welcome and important to this project. Please email them to me at caro(at)